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Internet Literacy

Research by Natalya Sinitskaya

Text Box: Introduction

In 1945 the precursor to the modern day Internet played upon the imagination of Vannevar Bush. How could people have guessed then that his innovation would change the world  so dramatically?

That which we refer to now as the Internet is a medium that brings about new ways of creating, storing and accessing  information. Further, it inspires new social and educational practices.

In this essay the Internet will be considered as a literacy environment, a space which offers new possibilities of interacting with texts and exchanging information.

The questions that I would like to consider are:

What is Internet literacy?

What are the components of Internet literacy?

What is hypertext and hypertext literacy?

How do we evaluate Internet sources?

What do proponents and opponents of Internet literacy say?


Literacy is a complex construct which is undergoing a process of shifting and expanding.