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Internet Literacy

Research by Natalya Sinitskaya

The World of Literacies

The development of information technologies and the global social and economic changes have reshaped the notion of literacy. We no longer associate literacy exclusively with the printed word, but rather consider literacy as a multiple construct, hence we now refer to “multiliteracies”. 

The concept of multiliteracies was suggested by the “New London Group”. The framework of multiliteracies addresses diverse sources of meaning construction which encompasses multimedia and electronic hypermedia. It also refers to the changing social realities of increasing local diversity and global connectedness (the New London Group, 1996).

The world of multiliteracies offers us various purposes, contexts, and mediums of literary experiences. As Shetzer and Warschauer (2000) have stated, developing literacy nowadays is a continually  shifting target. This is very much so because of its multiple and complex nature. In order to prepare students for literary practices that are valued in particular societies we have to embrace new approaches in developing literacy.

Literacy connected to computer technologies has received extensive attention from a number of scholars. We will proceed with defining the scope of Internet literacy and analyzing the concepts connected to it.