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Internet Literacy

Research by Natalya Sinitskaya

Reading Hypertext

Text Navigation Skills

Since the text is no longer contained in one printed source, but exists on multiple levels and can be accessed through multiple ways, readers must develop skills of navigating through hypertextual environment.

 Accessing information (Burbules and Callister, 1996)

There are various ways the information is accessed in hypertext system of the web, and often these ways do not contain any clues as to what the reader can expect. Readers should engage in a more critical and meaningful process of accessing the information on the Internet.

To find out more about accessing information, follow this link.

 Browsing (Warschauer, 2001; Slatin, 1991)

In the environment when text is constructed on multiple levels, the skill of making quick navigational decision whether to pursue reading the current informational page or not becomes extremely valuable.

 Orientation in the cyberspace (Landow, 1997; Sorapure et al., 1998)

Readers must be oriented as to where they are in cyberspace and if necessary backtrack their path and return to the initial text.

Basing on interactive and navigation skills, three types of readers can be distinguished.