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Internet Literacy

Research by Natalya Sinitskaya




You are about to take a cyber-journey through an essay on Internet Literacy. I have designed this essay for the Seminar in Critical Literacy and Second Language Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

This essay is presented in hypertext format for a number of reasons. First of all, the Internet provides the most utilitarian space and form for discussing Internet literacy. The experiences that the Internet offers for the development of literacy can be made more salient through cyberspace experience. The Internet provides more opportunities to interact with the essay and make multiple meanings of it. It gives access to the sources that are only available online. The ways of conveying the information are also much more abundant, through the use of hyperlinks and multimedia.

Another reason why I chose the hypertext format is that it is a new challenging domain of literacy with which I had to gain familiarity. I believe that if my goal as educator is to prepare my students for the changing world of multiliteracies, I should be ready to meet the change myself.

Have an exciting journey!


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